Travel insurance sign.

Buying Travel Insurance When You Book Your Holiday

The moment you walk into your local travel agent and book your holiday, you start your holiday and so you should really buy your travel insurance at the same time.

We have had a number of customers book with us and leave it until the last minute to buy travel insurance. A few weeks before they depart, and after they’ve paid their balance, they have an event that stops them travelling. Then they suddenly realise they’re not insured and lose their money.

Most banks will offer travel insurance and or most employers will to, however you should always read the small print as a number of people have been caught out when they realise that the insurance only starts the moment they get on the plane.

When booking your holiday or city break, we always recommend taking out travel insurance at the same time. Our Holiday Insurance Plans are now highly competitive when you book a holiday with us.

European Holidays
Adult (inc Winter Sports) from £79.50
Adult (exc Winter Sports) from £60.29

Ages 31-50 years old
UK Holidays from £10.49
European holidays from £17.72
USA/Canada/Caribbean from £35.66
Australia/New Zealand from £29.37
Rest of the World from £30.77

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