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Save Money On Overseas Weddings and Honeymoons

You’ve decided to get married but how do you save money on an overseas wedding and honeymoon and avoid a budget-breaking nightmare.

Your wedding day could be the happiest day of your life, but it can also be the most expensive, too.  At the moment, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is reaching a budget-breaking £20,000. However, those that are canny bargain hunters are finding that they can easily save over £10,000 by simply getting married overseas where the big day can be arranged for £8-10,000.

Why get married abroad?
One of the best reasons for arranging an overseas wedding is the weather and location. Also overseas weddings tend to be smaller affairs with fewer guests and are very manageable from a planning point of view. An overseas wedding can also combine to act as a holiday for your guests and a honeymoon for you.

A recent survey by The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners found that a wedding in the UK cost, an average, £20,000 and a sea view wedding package from Ionian Weddings on the island of Hvar, just off the Croatian coast, offers a service for up to 55 people, a full reception including a three-course meal and welcome cocktail cost £5,436. It also covered a wedding coordinator, the administration costs of the marriage, flowers for the bride and groom, table decorations, a one-tier wedding cake, bottle of sparkling wine and professional photography including 20 photos.

After the costs of four-star accommodation on the island for a week, booked through Expedia, flights, transfers and a free bar at around £40 a head, the final amount comes to £9,174.43. Remember that smaller packages for fewer guests will mean a lower price and there are even bigger savings to be had the further away you travel and the smaller the number of guests.

Couples should consider weddings in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and even adventure weddings are becoming popular. The strengthening pound will help your cash stretch even further if you choose to look abroad. Brexit is having the desired effect for the consumer by making the pound stronger it is making a number of exciting wedding destinations more accessible such as Bali and Mauritius so it’s little wonder couples are saying “I do” overseas.’

Locations such as Indonesia, South Africa,  The USA, and the East Caribbean are fast becoming popular and affordable. However, you will need to make sure you have EVERYTHING covered because regardless of whether you are planning your wedding yourself or have a wedding planner, costs can quickly mount up and organising a ceremony abroad will be time-consuming and potentially complicated because of the distance and any language barriers, but it may be a better option for those wanting to personalise their day.

One thing that most couples overlook when planning an overseas wedding, is the cost to their guests who are also looking to save money on overseas weddings and the honeymoon.

The average cost to those who accept an invitation to a wedding abroad reaches a whopping £564 according to comparison site Confused and while some couples will subsidise their guests by helping with the costs of flights or accommodation, this is not true for the majority. This usually leaves those celebrating with the couple forking out for travel, hotels stays, food and drink as well as other traditional costs such as gifts, outfits and the costs of the bar.

Booking a wedding or honeymoon package deal with Global Travel Worldwide can minimise any hassle and help with budgeting because there will only be the one bill to pay. Global Travel Worldwide can find a whole range of different deals, from simple and small ceremonies to more costly weddings, including reception costs and catering for a larger number of guests. hey can also advise you of the best destinations and time of year to get married, which will affect both the price and choice of suitable destinations.

If you are getting married overseas it is also a good idea to take out specific wedding insurance, which will cover you should you need to cancel due to ill health or extreme weather, or if anything is stolen, such as wedding rings or expensive dresses, the provider will pay out. Couples and guests will need to shop around to find the best deal, at the best price.
This will depend on the size of the wedding and the destination, but basic policies range from around £20 to £60.

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