Things That You Will Say That Will Instantly Upset Your Travel Agent

Things That You Will Say That Will Instantly Upset Your Travel Agent

Most people looking to get a good deal on travel will automatically assume that the Internet has erased the need for travel agents. Regardless, the travel industry is still alive and kicking and overwhelmed by travellers who want a little friendly advice alongside their plane ticket. This is good news for travel agents and clients that know the value of a good travel agent. However, the current surge of Internet travel resources also means that travel agents spend most of their time translating Internet deals into realistic travel plans. Misunderstandings happen and, in a lot of cases, cause a bit of frustration to say the least.

“I saw this flight online to X destination can you beat it”
The answer is a resounding NO but I can get you the same flight for the same price. Now look at the online deal closely and you will realise it has three stopovers, uses four different airlines and a total travel time of 46 hours. The flight I’m offering you is direct and you specifically asked for it to be. Unfortunately that also means a price change.

“I don’t need to use a travel agent, I could book this trip myself online”
OK, please feel free to do so and throw away the multiple benefits of booking with a travel agent. However, since you’re sitting in a travel agents office and not in front of your computer at home, I’m going to guess you already know that. In some cases, people will visit a travel agent just so that they can see if they can get the travel agent to beg for your business, which will not happen 99% of cases and we certainly don’t.

“£300 is too much for that flight – I’ll pay £200 for it”
Travel agents don’t set airfares, the airlines do. If the exact flight you’re set on is £300 a travel agent can’t give it to you for £200 unless they are willing to put £100 of their own money towards it… and we all know that’s not happening.

“I want a two week all-inclusive trip to Jamaica in a five star resort for £1000. None of my criteria is negotiable”
We’re good at finding deals but we’re not miracle workers and some requests just aren’t realistic. When you refuse to compromise, you’re not winning the game of hardball and immediately the travel agent will know you’re not serious, or worse, wasting their time.

“Just give me the best price you have”
In a lot of cases, when a travel agent asks you questions about what kind of hotel, flight or experience you’re looking for, they aren’t trying to upsell you. Most travel agents will genuinely want to find you something that fits your needs. They can give you the cheapest hotel in Las Vegas but you’re not going to be a happy camper when you get there. Best price does not always equal best deal.

“Thanks for the advice – I’ll book it online tonight”
Travel agents happy to share their travel expertise because they do genuinely want you to have the best trip possible. But at the end of the day, they make our money from you booking with us. If you’re not planning to book with a travel agent, please don’t ask them to help you plan your trip, you’re wasting their time and taking advantage of their services. Travel agents provide the care and reassurance that you’re looking for while planning your trip and chances are that’s worth paying for. If it’s not, then do us all a favour and do the research yourself.