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Reasons to use a high street travel agent

When a crisis hits, there’s no better reason to use a high street travel agent for peace of mind. Over the past few years, online travel agents have sprung up and offered the cheapest deals available. It’s not until a crisis such as the COVID-19 virus hits that you suddenly realise the value in booking […]

Global Travel Worldwide on major alert for their clients

COVID-19 strikes through the heart of the travel industry and we respond FAST. No matter where our clients are, Global Travel Worldwide are on call to ease the fears of those clients stranded on a ship, in a hotel or in an airport. Our sales team have responded to the call of our clients and […]

Sailing the Caribbean on a full rigged sailing ship

The Caribbean has long been synonymous with words such as paradise, bliss and heaven-on-earth, but there is definitely a good reason for this. Soft white sand underfoot, transparent turquoise waters and temperatures that make you wonder if you will ever need a jumper again are just a few things that will mean you instantly fall […]

Star Clipper sailing packages available

The largest full-rigged sailing ship in the world In 1902, the largest, fastest sailing ship the world had ever seen was launched. The legendary Preussen dominated the seas, only to be gone in a few short years. Neither before nor since had the world seen such a magnificent sailing ship. Until today… Influenced by the […]

Looking for car hire with that villa

Global Travel Worldwide is proud to announce that we can now offer a car hire service to, not only our customers, but the general public nationwide. We are an independently owned travel agency based in Wrexham and Chester with a board of 3 directors that has been established since 2001. We pride ourselves on being […]