Car hire and driving in the USA using Global Travel Worldwide

We used Alamo at Orlando International Airport again and found them to one of the best, still, on the market. I’ve tried Enterprise, Hertz etc and although they offer a few great deals they cannot match the customer service and ease of service Alamo offer. The sales team at Global Travel Worldwide in Wrexham managed to get me a deal that suited my travelling style and knew that my time demands were pressing once I landed in Orlando.

Located in Terminal B Level 1, the desk were very quick to check me in and, after the obligatory sales pitch to upgrade, I had the keys and was walking towards the garage area within 10 minutes. One thing to bear in mind is if you’re thinking of upgrading the car, check the price online BEFORE you go. The “amazing” deal being offered at the desk may not be the same cheaper deal online. Also, ask if they have any cars that need to go to another location. This is where savings can and will be made if you’re leaving the USA from a different airport.

The cost for 10 days was £525 including taxes, GPS and insurances etc for a Mustang convertible with less than 2000 miles on the clock. The car was very nice and that roof came off at very opportunity.

At 25mpg it wasn’t the most economical car to have but it was a lot of fun. We chose to return with a full tank and refueled just outside Orlando. Unleaded was $2.79 a gallon. Now just let that just sink in. That’s just over £2 per gallon and so who really cares if it returns 25mpg.

Driving in the USA, especially in Miami, can be hectic at rush hour and a nightmare if you don’t have GPS. The rules of the road don’t seem to apply and I can count the number of police cars on the highway that I saw in 10 days on one hand. Simple rule of thumb is to stay in the right land lane and observe the speed limit.

Now that seems a no-brainer but believe me when I say it’s a lot harder in real life. When you have a 50 foot long truck overtaking you at 70 miles per hour and the car ahead of you is doing 50 and you’re bearing down on it at a rate of knots, trust me when I say it can be hairy. Also, watch out as you overtake a 50 foot long truck. Overtake it quickly and get out of its blind spot ASAP because when they decide to pull over, they take no prisoners and the number of people that get side swiped and the truck just disappears into the distance is in the hundreds per year.

There’s a number of people that void the toll roads and I subscribe to that, if you’re not in a rush to get anywhere. Get a Sun Pass before you go or through Alamo (can be a little more expensive) and sail through the toll booths without stopping.