Cheap Holiday Deals To Spain

There are some truly amazing cheap holiday deals to Spain at the moment and travel agents have them at their fingertips every week. The vast majority of searches for cheap discount holidays begin online with a search through Skyscanner for flights and maybe Expedia for hotels etc. The really adventurous will go to Easyjet or Ryanair and then look for a hotel. Most of these deals are fantastic, if you’re not fussy where you’re staying and don’t really care about reviews etc. Some travel agent will often use these online comparison websites to start their search for clients.

However, what 99% of travel agents won’t tell you is that the really fantastic cheap holiday deals to Spain are already on their desktop PC and most of the tour operators won’t release these deals to the public until all the travel agents have had a look at them first.

We have had some of the cheapest holiday deals to Spain in years sent to us and when we’ve tried to beat it, we get nowhere near. We recently saw a deal for 7 nights bed and breakfast in Spain for under £199pp including flights, transfers and luggage.

Beware of some cheap holiday deals. Some of them have hidden fees that don’t surface until you’ve paid a deposit and then when you compare them to “regular” deals, they turn out to be either the same sort of price or more expensive. These deals are designed to hook you onto the website and luring you to take the offer up. In some instances, the online agent will call you to tell you that the flight price has risen because of “tax, fuel, duty….” and when you complain they will tell you there’s a cancellation fee etc.

We always recommend that if you’re looking for a cheap holiday deal, try us first and if we can’t beat the price we’ll tell you. Go online and find the best deal you can and we’ll have a look at it and see if we can either match it or beat it.