Choosing the right hotel in Orlando

Many people that have been to Disney will either choose to stay in the resort and be in amongst the action or on the outskirts in a hotel. Both are good options and both have their good and bad points.

If you have children and its their first time, staying in the resort makes perfect sense and as long as you’re up for the constant 24 hours of Disney, go for it and have fun. If the kids are a little older and need a change, we recommend staying on International Drive in one of the better hotels. Not only will you be close to the action but also far enough away to take a break and recharge your batteries.

The range of hotels along International Drive go from simple and basic through to 4 star. Beware that simple and basic is just that and a number of people we have booked a Disney holiday for have reported back that they would rather pay the extra for a better hotel than go basic again.

Rosen Inn and Rosen Pointe are the better hotels and the shuttle to the parks is on the doorstep. The hotels around these two are equally as good and you’ll get value for money. Go further down International Drive and the hotels get basic and cramped with tourists and families.

Can you get a deal?

During school holidays, you have absolutely no chance of saving on hotels and the average family of four should budget for their holiday costing £10,000 including park tickets. Book early and the same family could get a deal costing £6-8000 and book 18 months ahead and go in school time and you could save on that price too.

Disney doesn’t do holidays and they very rarely alter the park entrance price. Stay away from deals that are based in Orlando. You cannot get a saving on park tickets bought by a resident of Orlando. Even if you have family or friends in Orlando already, they cannot get a cheaper deal and anyone offering tickets at a cut price may be losing money or selling fake tickets.