Finding the right dog kennels for your beloved

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When we used to plan our holidays, we always had to find availability at the local dog kennels. More often than not, it was fully booked and we had to find alternative kennels that were miles away and not ideal.

Dog people will understand the anguish we go through finding the right kennels that we feel comfortable with and one that gives us piece of mind whilst we are away. My Jack Russells are my babies, sad I know, but they are always present with a wag of the tail and love me unconditionally. We live in a wide world but dogs only have you as their world and so giving them the love they deserve is something that should be a given.

Recently, we were forced into finding a better solution when our go to kennels closed after the COVID lockdown. The search was far and wide because we are dog people and need the comfort of knowing that they will be cared for, well fed and exercised whilst we are away.

We discovered Ranworth Luxury Boarding through a recommendation of a friend and so we paid them a visit. Luxury boarding is an understatement, underfloor heating, walks every 90 minutes and a genuine personalised love for dogs that leaves you knowing that your beloved will be cared for, pampered and treated as a family member.

Clean doesn’t come close to describing the facilities, the kennels are heated at 12 degrees which is the optimum temperature for dogs and we didn’t see a single hair out of place, stain or “accident”.

Be aware though, this type of boarding isn’t cheap but you get more than you pay for with Ranworth Luxury Boarding. We still need to book in advance and book our trips according to their availability but it’s no longer a chore, it’s part of the holiday experience and we see it as sending the babies away on holiday from us and vice versa..!!

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