Getting around Orlando with Global Travel Worldwide

Once you’ve hit the parks and done the attractions, Orlando then starts to come into its own. International Drive is where its at and I recommend starting at the new McDonalds, which is right at the bottom of the bridge that heads towards Disney, and working your way towards Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Done properly this will take you a few days and, depending on how adventurous you are, empty your wallet but its worth it. The restaurants are plentiful and the choice is amazing. If you have a hungry family, Golden Corral is located just off International Drive and is an all you can eat style restaurant. An absolute must for breakfast and an evening meal with reasonable prices and vast range of food to choose from.

Dave & Busters will drain your day if you like amusement arcades. Next to that are 15 minute helicopter rides around Orlando. Don’t fancy a helicopter, go on the Orlando Eye ans see the vastness of Orlando and the parks.

A personal favourite is Bahama Breeze, a restaurant with live music, amazing food and great service. A place to sit back and relax after a hard day in Disney.

If the above is a little too much you could always go shopping and Florida Mall is worth the trip. All the shops you could want are there and the Food Court is vast, there’s even the famous “Cake Boss” shop and its always busy. The M&M shop has to be the biggest I’ve ever seen. Overall, you’d spend a day there and wonder where the time went.

Orlando itself is a bustling city that’s mainly commercial and, to be honest, I’d rather spend time going to the two main Malls there rather than walking around looking for shops. There’s a lot of construction work going on and the diversions around the city can take you to places that humankind may never have yet discovered.