Global Travel Worldwide opens a new branch in Hoole, Chester.

Focusing on bespoke and tailor made holidays and luxury travel, Global Travel Worldwide aims to help its customers who are looking for that once in a lifetime journey or to tick a destination off their bucket list, in the new offices of 69 Hoole Road. Of course, that doesn’t mean your quick week away is not catered for, in fact Global Travel Worldwide have specialists in all areas due to the diverse experiences of its staff. Already known for providing excellent service and attention to detail, Global Travel Worldwide first and foremost caters for all your needs whether it’s a “hard earned” holiday in the Mediterranean or a world cruise.

With an extensive travel background, Branch Manager, Samantha Eastwood (pictured far right) brings a whole new set of skills to the agency. Having worked and lived in the USA and on cruise ships for 12 years, Samantha knows destination appeal, the importance of customer service and the product knowledge from an inside view.

“My first full time job was working for Disneyworld, a company focused on service and experiences and I have carried that ethos throughout my entire career. A company is only as good as its product and the service in which it is offered. Our knowledge of the destinations, the travel companies and the hotels is our product and the way that we look after our guests, is why our service ensures that our repeat custom is high and therefore, why we have been able to expand.” Samantha Eastwood.

The Wrexham branch of Global Travel Worldwide has been established for almost 20 years, and recently decided to expand owing to the amount of business and success that they had seen recently. They recently opened another shop in Llangollen and found that there was a need for a diverse clientele and a growth in group travel. The need to have an office based location became a must and the Hoole, Chester office evolved.

This all lies beneath the umbrella of |The Luxury Travel Concierge brand, giving our customers the confidence to deal with the necessary suppliers and the tools to remain customer driven throughout their continuous expansion. Watch this space for more news from this independent company.

Pictured are Joanne Salomon who is the MD of the Hoole Office, Gavin Davies MD of the Wrexham office and Samantha Eastwood, Branch Manager of Hoole Chester.