Massive shake-up in travel will spell the end of cheap holidays

Most of the major players in the travel industry believe that there will be a “massive shake-up” and the era of mass market cheap holidays will be coming to an end. It is predicted that the hardest hit will be city breaks. Prices will have to rise to pay for the current crisis and as tour operators, airlines and the government work to restore capacity levels over coming years to pre-pandemic levels.

With most of the world’s airlines grounded it will take months, if not years, for airlines to get their aircraft back to full capacity whilst paying off their debts. Destinations will also be at a premium with some hotspots closed due to the uncertain health alerts. There won’t be so many destinations to fly to and it’ll be unsafe to go to certain places. 

We agree with the experts that city breaks are going to be the hardest hit because tourists will be using public transport, popular destinations will be full of tourists from all over the world and no one will know for sure who’s a carrier and who’s unaffected by the virus. 

The travel sector that may see a boom could be the luxury and long haul sector where you can socially distance once off the plane and this type of holiday can offer more space and privacy.

Airports will be a choking point with airports, airlines and tour operators all wanting to do health checks prior to departure and this will add considerable time to the journeys. 

Cruise lines will have to look at ways of providing consumers the confidence to rebook and or travel again. Operators will have to look at ways of providing best practice and making sure all their products exceed the expectations of customers travelling with them. 

The travel industry is in for a massive shake up and one that will redefine the way we book travel and experience it.