Miami Downtown

Miami – Hotels and eating

Downtown Miami is beautiful and the shopping out of this world. Everything is easy to get to and the service in the shops, bars and restaurants is geared towards the customer. Prices are a little expensive and, in true american fashion, somethings are over hyped.

If you’re going in baseball season, go watch a game at Marlins Park and we found Section 8 to be perfectly situated behind First Base. Grab a burger before the game at the Wendy’s next to the stadium and save a fortune, once you go inside everything costs the equivalent to a months mortgage. A beer is $10 and a hot dog close to $14.

The Fashion District has all the main designers, the latest designs and is close to the centre of Miami. The American Airlines Arena and Port Terminal are close together and you could lose hours just walking around or sat watching the cruise ships in port.

Many people will go over the water to South Beach and its worth a visit just to sit on the beach and marvel at the stunning colours of the Ocean. The restaurants are plentiful and you’ll get harassed and followed all along the street by people trying to entice you into their restaurant.

There are a large number of hotels and the main area is along Collins Ave, which has the ocean on one side and a river inlet with large and beautiful boats on the other. Be careful where you stay and we would personally recommend staying in Downtown Miami rather than South Beach.

The cost of the hotels on South Beach are extortionate and the service varies from welcoming with a smile and over charging you through to speaking to you like your a piece of debris off the street and overcharging you. Every hotel will charge you a “resort tax” and if you’re using they don’t tell you what it is. Then you pay state taxes and then you pay to park your car. We were charged $40 a day and a day is 4pm to 11am the following day. If you arrive late or need a late check out you will be ripped off.

Dining is an experience on South Beach and can be a costly one too. Order a coffee with your meal and you’ll get charged accordingly. Ask for a refill after you’ve ordered and they’ll charge you for that rather than giving you a free refill. Oh and you want butter with your toast, that’ll be an extra $2 that’s how it rolls.

Downtown Miami is slightly different but the level of service is 1000% better and geared towards welcoming you back.

On the whole, Miami is a great place to visit and only 250 miles from Orlando by car.