Why the public should use a travel agent like Global Travel Worldwide to book a cruise

Royal Caribbean recently published a “secret” of reasons why the public should use a travel agent like Global Travel Worldwide to book a cruise.

The word, “secret” usually refers to information that is supposed to be kept under wraps and away from those that should know. However, when it comes to exceptional Royal Caribbean cruises a secret is really something that is well-known to some and unknown to others unless they ask the question. These “secrets” are really about improving and enhancing your cruise experience and Global Travel Worldwide loves to share hints and tips to its customers.

A lot of people believe that booking with a cruise operator directly is the best and fastest way to either save money and or upgrade after they’ve booked. This is not the case and when you work out the time taken to  change a date or upgrade a current booking, you’ll find that its take a lot more of your time then you’d expect.

Many cruisers are unaware that the services provided by many good travel agents are 100% free of charge. Global Travel Worldwide are paid a commission from cruise operators such as Royal Caribbean and there is no extra cost to you for our services.

So we have come up with a list of things that may enhance your cruise experience, if you didn’t know them already.

1. Many travel agents are free to use
Many travel agencies, such as Global Travel Worldwide, do not charge you a fee for their services and they don’t need to because cruise operators such as Royal Caribbean pays them a commission. This means there are no cancellation or change fees charged by the travel agent.

2. Specialist cruise travel agents specialise and focus 
Did you know a good travel agent that specialises in cruises will know of the latest deals and offers and be up to date with all the major cruise companies. Global Travel Worldwide can work with you every step of the way, not just when you book the cruise?

Prices can change many times, but Global Travel Worldwide is willing to work with you to watch for discounts when you book, and keep track of small changes that can benefit you. Perhaps they can save you some money or offer you a means of upgrading.

3. Travel agents will sit on hold with Royal Caribbean so you can watch TV
In all seriousness, one of the best reasons to use Global Travel Worldwide is that we will save you time. We will be the ones to sit on hold with Royal Caribbean or any other cruise operator and work with the cruise line to sort out any issues, questions, or discrepancies.

4. You get one person to work with instead of someone different every time you call
Don’t you hate it when you have to explain the backstory of your current issue to someone each time you call?

When you use Global Travel Worldwide, you get a cruise travel agent who works with you from start to finish. This means we are aware of your needs, remember the reasons why you chose what you booked and are locked into assisting you with your cruise plans.

5. Travel agents can help pick out shore excursions
Often people will associate travel agents with just being able to help plan our cruise and onboard experience, but travel agents are a great resource on shore excursions too.

Our sales personnel at Global Travel Worldwide have taken cruises and have visited many of the ports you may be cruising to. We are not just aware of what the major cruise operators offer, but also third party options and the best excursions available for you. Global Travel Worldwide can research the options in port and assist in picking out the perfect plans.

6. Gifts of appreciation
Do you remember the Stevie Wonder song, “I just called to say I love you”? Travel agents love to show their appreciation for your business, and that often comes in the form of small gifts.

It is great to walk into your stateroom and see a thank you note, a little extra onboard credit for spending onboard, or bottle of wine. Global Travel Worldwide want you not to just book one cruise with us but many more. So we work very hard to ensure you have a great cruise and want you to know they appreciate your business.

7. They can help you arrange groups
If you are thinking of taking a cruise with friends, family, coworkers, high school classmates, random people from the internet, or anyone else and need to get a few cabins together for a group, then you really want to use a travel agent such as Global Travel Worldwide .

Organizing a group is no simple task. Everyone has their own needs, and by working with Global Travel Worldwide, we can assist everyone in the group and take care of stateroom choices, prices, payments and answering the usual first time cruise questions. This means you can focus on getting everyone excited for the cruise itself!

8. A travel agent is there to fight for you if something goes wrong
Of all the benefits Global Travel Worldwide provides, this might be the least known, yet most important benefit of using a travel agency. If you encounter a problem, either before or during your cruise, a good cruise specialist travel agent will be the one to contact the cruise operator and not only rectify the issue but make things right again.

Unfortunately, mistakes can occur before or during a holiday. It does not happen very often, but occasionally an error occurs that is not the customers fault. If that occurs, Global Travel Worldwide is the one to sort it all out and get you back on track.

9. Travel agents are trained and educated about cruises (all the time)
A really common excuse for not using a travel agent is, “Can’t I just do it myself?”. Of course you can, but travel agents spend a lot of time learning about all aspects of a cruise.

Beyond being knowledgeable about the basics of cruising, Global Travel Worldwide take tours of the ships to learn what makes each ship unique. In addition, we are well versed in what other cruise lines offer, so we can better inform you as to how the cruise company of choice stacks up against its competitors. Essentially, we never stop learning about cruising and that results in being able to provide you an informed and complete look at all of your options.

10. They learn what you like
A good cruise specialist travel agent works with you cruise after cruise and they learn about what you prefer on a cruise. Global Travel Worldwide will know your likes, dislikes and what is important to you when it comes to making holiday plans.

The benefit to you in all of this is it means a faster and simpler booking process. Unlike when you call into a call centre and have to explain everything to them, Global Travel Worldwide already knows you and remembers what kind of stateroom categories you tend to book, which dining rotation your family enjoys, etc.

Like so many of the other reasons to book with Global Travel Worldwide listed earlier, the result is time saved and value added for you!

Did you know you can transfer your cruise reservation you made directly to a travel agent?

Anyone can transfer a Royal Caribbean cruise reservation to a travel agent as long as you are within 60 days of the initial booking. By transferring the reservation to a travel agent, you are entitled to all the same service outlined in this post, and the agent can work with you to double check the price of your cruise reservation and keep track of price changes.

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