Rebook or Refund

Rebook or Refund is the biggest question in travel today.

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the travel industry very hard with a number of customers unsure of what to do next. Here are a few to consider, things that we tell our customers to give them peace of mind.

If you are travelling after April 30th 2020 there’s no need to panic. Most holiday tour operators are not handling requests after that date and when they do Global Travel Worldwide act on the information the same day. We are calling most of the major tour operators on a daily basis and can assure our customers that we have the very latest information.

If you are travelling before April 30th most of the tour operators are offering customers the chance to rebook their holiday for a later date. In a number of instances, tour operators are offering credit notes to the value of 110% of the holiday cost. If you have only paid the deposit and there is a balance due, we recommend rebooking the holiday urgently.

If you have paid for your holiday in full, we recommend rebooking rather than a refund. At the moment the travel industry waiting time for refunds is approx. 16 WEEKS for package holidays and it’s getting longer. However, if you’re not sure you want to travel to the destination and or not sure on dates etc, get in touch ASAP and set the ball rolling on getting your refund.

If you’ve booked your holiday online you may have a few problems. If the holiday was booked as separate travel arrangements you may find that hotels, villas etc will not offer a refund. We are aware of a number of customers that booked short city breaks and can’t fly out but the hotel is refusing to refund their money.

So, if you have any doubts and or questions regarding your booking with us, give us a call and we can help give you peace of mind.