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Renting a villa in Orlando for the family

One of the most popular ways of staying in Orlando is to rent an executive villa and hire a car. Some of the villas on offer are truly stunning and, especially if you have a large group going, we highly recommend it.

Make sure your location is close to the entrance to the park you will be going to mainly. There are lots of villas available and many people will tell you they’re only “5 minutes from the park” and let me assure you that 5 minutes in Orlando is about 8 miles and 20 minutes in real time. The last thing you need are hot, tired and hungry kids in the back of the rental waiting to get back and go for a swim in the pool.

Most 4 bedroom villas have large lounges and dining areas with two good sized bedrooms and two that are a little small(er). Great if the kids just want to put their heads down but a potential nightmare if you have a lot of clothing and or luggage.

Almost all have a good sized pool too and there is nothing better than coming back to the villa and having a plunge and soak in the hot tub (if there one of them too).

A general rule of thumb and indicator is, the nearer you are to the park entrance the higher the price of the villa. At Global Travel Worldwide we recommend spending that little extra and getting the best villa you can and in turn this will make the holiday far more enjoyable for the family.

Villas are also good for being able to choose a day not to go to the parks and just stay in and chill. The weather in Florida is good all year round (outside of hurricane season) and topping up the tan is easy to do just sat by the pool with family and friends.