Top 5 things to do in New York City

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Cruise holidays are becoming one of the most popular ways of travelling and finding the right ship to get the best out of the experience can be daunting. Here are the top 5 destinations we found popular with our customers.

Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island:

The Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol of America and a must-see attraction in New York City. Visitors can take a ferry to Liberty Island and also visit nearby Ellis Island, which was the primary entry point for immigrants to the United States in the early 20th century.

Explore Central Park:

Central Park is a massive public park in the heart of Manhattan that offers a wide range of activities for visitors. You can walk, jog, bike, or even take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the park. There are also many museums and attractions located within the park, including the Central Park Zoo, the Conservatory Garden, and the Bethesda Fountain.

Experience Times Square:

Times Square is one of the most iconic and bustling places in New York City. The area is known for its bright lights, billboards, and entertainment. Visitors can catch a Broadway show, dine at a world-class restaurant, or simply take in the sights and sounds of this vibrant neighborhood.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and most comprehensive art museums in the world, featuring over 2 million works of art from around the globe. Visitors can explore a wide range of collections, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary art.

Take a stroll through the High Line:

The High Line is a unique public park built on an elevated section of an old railroad track. It offers a peaceful retreat from the busy streets below and provides stunning views of the city skyline. Visitors can walk along the park’s pathways, take in the art installations, and enjoy the many plantings and gardens along the way.

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