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COVID-19 has had a devasting effect on travel and tourism throughout 2020 and the end is in sight. So we have compiled a list of the top travel destinations for 2021 for you to think about.

Kenya – A vast untapped country and one that is fast becoming the go to place for safari’s and explorers of culture. Giraffe Manor is a popular place to stay and the normally impossible to book Sasaab, Segera and Angama Mara are opening up and welcoming vistiors.

Costa Rica – A low COVID-19 fatality rate means that that have successfully managed to control the virus. So when the country reopens, those that have had the vaccine can feel safe to travel there. As a long time world leader in conservation and sustainability, Costa Rica is one of the most welcoming countries for tourists.

The British Virgin Islands – A sailors paradise with secluded beaches, clear waters and breathtaking scenery the BVI is the place to go for a quiet relaxing holiday. You can either sail around the islands, relax by the pool in a resort or rent Necker Island, owned by Richard Branson, with a few friends for that all important discreet getaway.

New Zealand – Most people that love to travel will have New Zealand on their bucketlist. An amazing place for outdoor and isolated trips, socially distanced in nature and the ability to travel in a sustainable way makes New Zealand one the place to go for the intrepid traveller.

Paris – The city of light and once said to be the most romantic city in the world, Paris has a great deal to offer all travellers. A weekend break may not be enough to see and enjoy this beautiful city and we always recommend that you take the time to visit several times throughout the year just to capture its beauty.

Mexico – If you’re interested in culture and civilisations, Mexico is the place to visit and an absolute must as a stopover when travelling to South America. Rich in history, Mexico is also rich in food and is becoming known as a food lovers paradise. Fabulous beaches, hotels and a vibrant nightlife, Mexico is a mecca for those that want something different everytime they step outside their accommodation.

Tahiti – With so many destination weddings, honeymoons and milestone celebrations being cancelled in 2020, French Polynesia is now within reach of a lot of people. Prices of flights have fallen and so making this regions very accessible. Water villas, luxury beach resorts, water activities and pristine beaches make Tahiti an idea place to relax unwind and get away from the outside world.

UAE – There’s more to the UAE than Dubai and F1. The region is steeped in history, fascinating culture and the landscape varies constantly. Abu Dhabi and Qatar are untapped and fast becoming the resting place of those that have been partying in Dubai and are looking to unwind. We highly recommend Abu Dhabi and Ajman for those that want to relax and unwind in luxury and comfort.

Maldives – Paradise and the ultimate place for seclusion, peace and quiet. The Maldives has always been on the travellers radar but now, even more so, with the price drop on flights and the range of luxury hotels becoming affordable without a droop in standard. There are some amazing deals on offer and even our directors have all been and experienced the luxury.

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