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Cruising is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to see the world; however this can mean that it is also becoming one of the most confusing ways to travel with so many choices of cruise lines and itineraries.

You can do a range of activities cruising, from sailing on a small ship through a band of glaciers to indulging on a huge luxury liner travelling across the Atlantic.

To decide on your perfect cruise, it is first important to understand what is most important to you on your voyage. What do you want to get out of your experience? …entertainment, scenery, indulgence, learning? Once you have identified your needs, we can narrow you down to a specific type of cruising.

There is then the question of the cultural environment you want within your cruise. Many cruise lines are great for families but not right for couples and vice versa, do you want to be on a ship with an indoor skydiving dome or a ship with cooking and wine tasting sessions. In another way the culture and history of the cruise line may determine your preferences, with lines like P&O being very British focused and tailored to suit particularly British tastes, whilst many other lines can have a much more international feel incorporating a variety of local tastes and activities to suit the destinations being visited.

Once we can identify a feel for your preferences on board we can match you up with a selection of cruise lines that would be perfect for the person you are.

Next stop… your itinerary. Many of the major cruise lines cover worldwide destinations and the list is growing with more unique and unseen ports being exposed to cruising all the time. There are many options on which itineraries to choose from. Embarking the ship from the UK you can travel around the Mediterranean, eastern Europe, and of course the British Isles.

If you are looking for a longer cruise then you can even do a voyage across to the US and sail around the east coast. Or there is always the option to fly and then cruise from your first destination, which is great if you are looking to do a few weeks island hopping around the Caribbean or need to get to a specific starting point for a river cruise like the magnificent Mekong.

Now you have the perfect itinerary, you want to get the perfect spot on the ship, selecting a cabin isn’t always easy, but with the right advice you can find the perfect cabin category and number to suit your needs and the needs of your party.

Finally, you have the right cruise line, the right voyage and the right cabin, so now all you have to think about is… the shore excursions, the gratuities, the dining options, the drinks packages and everything else that goes with your on board experience. Still confused? Cruising is never going to be straightforward but that’s why getting the advice of an expert can be crucial to create a perfect cruising experience.

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