Ways to save you money while travelling

By Global Travel Worldwide

Travelling can be expensive and sorting out your travel itinerary can be time consuming, unless you use an experienced travel agent such as Global Travel Worldwide.

These are our top tips to save money and suggestions we offer to our customers.

Be flexible on your travel dates and where you can fly from. You can save £000’s by simply moving a day later and flying from an airport that’s a main hub. Staying in hotels can also be expensive but if you’re really looking for just a place to sleep and move on, a hostel or bed and breakfast off the beaten track may be a solution.

Always take out travel insurance at the same time you book your holiday. We have had the experience of customers thinking their home contents or work insurance policy covers them and then its too late when they find out they’re not covered and lose a great deal of money.

Take food to the airport rather than buying it there. You’ll get some great meal deals at the airport but the better deals are the ones outside and or where you live. Aim to eat where the locals eat and travel how the locals travel. If it’s good enough for them and cheap, then it has to be good enough for you.

Try using a credit card rather than cash or debit card. In the event of a problem you’ll be covered. Avoid ATM machines and people offering you an exchange rate in resort. Do your homework, work out the conversion rates before you travel and you’ll be a lot safer.

Carry a water bottle rather than buying bottled water and stay hydrated at all times.

These simple tips can and will save you money during your trip. For more information, call 01978 350850 today.


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