Choosing the right kennels while you go on holiday

By Global Travel Worldwide

Our Managing Director travels a lot and so when it comes to finding the right kennels for his beloved Jack Russell’s, he’s a little picky.

Recently, he discovered Ranworth Lodge Luxury Kennels and has now found the perfect kennels for the Jack Russell’s whilst he’s away.

The bespoke, purpose built, family run luxury boarding kennels have been built to the most up to date standards and have set out to create the highest quality dog boarding and day-care centre available. With only 16 rooms, Ranworth Lodge Kennels are geared to give a very personal one on one attention.

Worried about your beloved, there’s no need to fret. The care and attention that they get is second to none and exactly what they deserve. Dedicated and professional care is exactly what his Jack Russell’s received and, for peace of mind, the building is covered and monitored by 24hr CCTV as well as being fully alarmed and fitted with the most up to date fire detection system.

Both dogs seemed to love it so much that they seemed reluctant to get in the car to come home. Maybe it was the soothing background music, which is on all day to make them feel more at home or the attentive way they were tucked up in bed for the night, or the fact that they are out of their kennels fives times a day for walks, runs and socialisation.

Whatever it was, we were assured by their reaction that they loved being there. When they returned a few weeks later, they instantly recognised the staff and the building and were straining at the leash to get in and see the other dogs.

Ranworth Lodge Kennels really are luxurious, friendly and welcoming and we highly recommend them both as a business and as wonderful people that love dogs and can be trusted with your most precious of companions.

Call them on 01630 672333

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