Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury – Luxury at its very best

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The flagship of the Beachcomber Hotels brand in Mauritius is the Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury and to call it a 5 star hotel is beneath it.

This has to be the finest hotel on the whole island and the service levels easily compete with, and maybe even exceed, those in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and some of the top hotels in the world. From the moment you walk along the entrance you get a sense of grandeur, status and that you are stepping into a whole new world of luxury and service.

Check-in is seamless and easy and completed in a matter of moments. From that moment on, you appear to be locked into the memory of every member of staff from the receptionists through to the General Manager.

There are only 69 suites and you don’t get the feeling of being crammed in or that you’ll hear every noise from your neighbour. On the contrary, it feels as thought you have the whole hotel to yourself. Each suite is truly amazing, well kept, well stocked and the décor and fittings are of the highest standards. You get the feeling that, regardless of the room you walk into, you’re walking into a newly decorated room just for you.

The lawns are immaculate as are the walkways to the Spa and recreation areas. The kids club is well staffed and you get the impression that your child will not want to return to you in the evening, but stay with their new found friends instead.

The Spa…… Outstanding fails miserably to describe it. The attention to detail is everything and you’d be hard pushed to find better facilities, service and standards anywhere else in the Indian Ocean or even Europe, such is the standard offered. Every Spa treatment you can think of is catered for. The fitness gym has the latest machines that are so well kept they appear to be brand new and the air conditioning throughout the Spa and gym areas is top notch.

Walking into the restaurants is like stepping into a Michelin starred venue. The staff quickly become aware of your preferences and wants and attend to them immediately. Nothing is too much effort or bother and, if pre-warned, all diets can and will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The beach is clean and every guest has a dedicated sun lounger on arrival and so no need to get up at 5am to put a towel on the bed. I get the feeling that if you did that you’d be followed by your luggage at a discreet speed. The Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury is not that sort of place and doesn’t attract those kinds of people.

The Royal Palm Beachcomber has to be the one of, if not, the best premium, luxury hotel on the island and possibly in the top 10 hotels in the world, its that good.

If you can afford the premium price and want a premium hotel in the Indian Ocean, the Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury is the place to stay.

For more information, call us today on 01978 350850

For more information call us today on 01978 350850


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